Coming Out

After I supported some of my former Malawian students through secondary (high) school, I noticed a common outcome.  There were few jobs available in the cities hours away, and certainly no jobs in the village where my students’ family, friends and whole lives were.  I found it discouraging that education did not translate into opportunity for my students.

I always was skeptical of business for its profit motives and [what I saw as] apathy toward humanity and the environment.  But over the years, I learned that after health and education, commercial activity is critical to human life.  To explore how I might contribute to sustainable job creation in developing countries like Malawi, I started Slade Unlimited, LLC.

This blog will serve as a public journal for my upcoming trip to the Continent, and my hopeful transition into a successful, socially conscious entrepreneur.  I welcome your comments and thoughts along the way.


One thought on “Coming Out

  1. You are such an amazingly wonderful person, Kerry, and I feel lucky to know you.
    I imagine this to have been an incredible journey already and that it will continue to deepen and strengthen as it continues. Thank you for sharing.


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